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Alfie Mizrahi:

Lead Vocals


Alfie is the small cowboy with the big voice. Having him around is always fun, especially when he drops his bottle of beer while performing "Devil in the Bottle"...

Besides his voice and stage presence he adds some percussion to the sound with his tambourine... and he’s involved in the songwriting of course, especially lyrics, and some melodies!

Alfie has been working with bands like DR. ÖHNER (Hardrock) and others.





Kay-Hendryk Speer:

Lead- & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals


Kay is an axeman. He plays lead guitar, but also rhythm guitar while smoking a cigarette. And things really start smoking on stage, too... ‘cause his solos, often spontaneous and therefore always new and surprising, really burn up the guitar!! He always wrings everything outta his ol’ Fender Stratocaster guitar. But sometimes there are mellow moments with an acoustic guitar, too. He also sings some back-up vocals on some of the songs. A lot of songs including our hit "Carolina" were penned by Kay, in collaboration with the respective singer.

Kay was successful in the late 80s with his band CAKEWALK (Rock and Pop). He also worked with, among other bands, the acoustic group LATTENKAMP.

In 1994 Kay founded the band NOCTURN.





Lutz Melzer:

Bass & Backing Vocals


A bass that is straight and pumpin’ and rockin’, or a bass that is melodic and playful? Lutz plays both with a lot of precision. On stage, he is a long distance runner...

Lutz sings most of the back-up vocals. When the band does acoustic sessions, he sometimes picks an acoustic guitar as well. Moreover, he contributes a lot of his own songs to the setlists.

Lutz has worked with bands such as THE JONES (Rock), SKINTIGHT (Hardrock) and GUARDS of COOL (Jazz). In addition to his work with NOCTURN, he has a fun project called BLUMENATOR (fun rock with German lyrics).




Ronald Kowalewski:

Rhythm- & Lead guitar


With his tasteful playing on his Gibson Les Paul and Fender Strat guitars, Ronald pushes the sound of the band to the top. Along with Kay, they are the rocking guitar section, and watch out for their twin guitar melodies....






Nico Bohnsack:



Nico is a talented and versatile drummer. He delivers groove and power to the band sound. Furthermore, he adds cool drumfills like Bruce Crump on "Flirtin' with disaster".












Arne Bihn:

Keyboards 1994-2003


Arne was a founding member and contributed much to the sound and character of NOCTURN with his rockin’ honky tonk piano, powerful hammond organ or shiny and funky Rhodes- & e-piano sounds. The band’s live-performance often peaked at the climax when he did solo duels with Kay. Before NOCTURN was founded, Arne was rockin’ for years as a member of CAKEWALK along with Kay. Arne will never be forgotten, as a friend and as a skilled keyboard player. He passed away October 25th, 2003.

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